Annual Fundraising On Jan 24, 2015

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent.
All Praise is indeed due to Allah, Blessings and salutations upon the Noble Messenger of Allah.

At a time when the Ummah is being tested in so many ways; this is an invitation to empower our community through Islamic education. The way Allah swt initiated the education of our Ummah in the holy Quran, Iqra!…

We need the continuous support of our generous community. Support us & support ALL the Islamic Schools, support Salam Academy, support IQA , support BHA. ALL Islamic Schools supplement and compliment each other in building communities.

A time is coming fast when Islamic Schools will be supporting the Masaajid and not the other way around. People are moving around the country and Dallas is a happening place for Muslims, one of the main reasons being our Islamic Schools.
Among them is an example of Salam Academy

A decade of a meaningful service, a decade of providing Islamic Education, a decade of providing alternatives & creative solutions. A proof of the generosity of the community, the goodness of an ummah which was created to benefit the mankind!

Yes my dear brothers and sisters, Salam Academy without exaggeration is still the ONLY institution in the USA which strives to provide affordable Islamic Education, with excellence and enviable quality. Alhamdulillah, this was possible, undoubtedly because of YOUR support!

This year we have expanded to more than 350 students, with 2 sections in each grade level separate for boys and girls, serving all the way from Pre-K to High school. Now ACCREDITED by the world’s largest agency AvdancED, thereby making it easy for our students to pursue Dual college credit programs with Richland Community college.

“There is no envy except in two: a person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it in the right way, and a person whom Allah has given wisdom (i.e. religious knowledge) and he gives his decisions accordingly and teaches it to the others.”- Narated By Ibn Masud RA
An invitation to become the one to be envied

Salam Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Dinner.
On Saturday January 24th, 6:30 PM
@ Granville Arts Center: 300 N. Fifth Street,
Garland TX 75040

There will be arrangements for Baby Sitting arrangement, entertainment for children, Pizza, Puppet shows, Balloon artist etc.

This is your chance to be a pioneer, to have a share in something very unique and profound! Please attend, participate generously and bring along others so we may prosper together in this goodness.

Please spread the word and forward this invitation to as many people as possible.
May Allah bless us all, accept our good deeds, forgive our shortcomings, make our children “Qurratul Ain” and guide us all on the straight path ameen

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